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Hell becomes something I'd rather not endure.
When it seems I have the chance to finally gather good in life and live,
Dieing by degrees is by way of a consolation my way of existing.
Even when I am condemned as being unworthy to possess my sanity,
I remain in control not doubting what are the consolations of my efforts
at resurrection.
Some condemnations Satan doth minister unto my struggle.
This knowledge is a fearful understanding...
I am gone unto my grave.
My love for her is undying and yet in the visage of every woman I
recognise her scorn.
A wicked mockery of our past.
An sylvan setting where she might have me drink once more from the cup of
love seems particularly out of reach now that I have let go.
The devil in the body of an inhabited man told I should plant a tree.
Perhaps this might absolve my evil complicity in cutting them down.
Perhaps the struggle will continue...

Woke up on a crash mat.
One time overseas I was begging for the needle.
I guess I could have gone into another dimension.
I could have died.
I've got no way of knowing.
I spoke to some broad she told me the Chinese discovered
I told her that the wankers in charge of propaganda made us
believe that Australia's history is euro centric.
One hundred and sixty eight thousand convicts were sent to this country.
And maybe I do have values which run on the high side of the street.
When I was born I came out like superman
And that's why our history is much more than the first fleet
But not necessarily more than the first child who claims legitimate ownership of
governance because the governance we have is old.
Its tenure is old, supercilious and cynical.
Maybe supporting the monarchy is running afoul of idealism.
Still it might be prudent.
Maybe at the end of it all we hear the real story.
I've said it before that Mothers choose the destiny for their sons
And I've said it before that baby boomer hypocrisy has a lot
to answer for but also flower power didn't come to the fore
without there being a massive toll on civilians during the war.
Apart from the insults of those who belittle my right to be autonomous,
the only aspect for which I may be criticised as having sold out is to longer say
that I'm a King even though that's grandiose but instead now
I say I'm a Sultan
And is there anything wrong with that.

Leaves cut through mine eyes
Absurdity is my reflection
Suicide is so golden and they scrawled my name in the dirt because I am a
How precious I am and how victimised is the unhappy in a world where
knives are back in fashion
My life’s blood I squander
How forbidden is this genius
I'm not a nice guy but I am truly sorry and this is my deception
I hope it breaks your heart
World-weariness is only just a lie
The voices of my youth tell of strange idolatry and squalor
Weird combinations of communism and Christianity
who knows where the road may take us
Do you know what happens to Sumo Wrestlers?
They get so fat it is improper to grow huge when amassed form is not

Wrong destination, I protest.
Wires spew forth from stereos whence comes my knowledge.
"Quit smoking" they say.
I can't find reasons why this strife need be nicotine free.
On Australia’s' Eastern shore two cities vie for supremacy.
Oedipus roams betwixt these two poles
The muse are racketeers who with righteous words lead him to extremes
Their seductive melody like sirens whispers guide him unto the Sphinx.
How often I have to the wishing star, given some silent prayer...
That the tracks I follow might bring solace.
The sphinx stands before the doomed traveller barring his path,
"Oedipus, if thou be man alike to the image of the Almighty is the
almighty alike to an image of yourself?
Oedipus unabashed answered
"Orchids do grow in the forest for but a short
while but their beauty is forever."

Life comes down to a simple yes or no whether for instance glass is a
Its' nature reveals itself long after we have departed this life
Others make conjecture that everything fades,
A theatre is a flight of fancy
In life as in politics
It comes from left field
It is as wonderful as a myriad of desire
Anonymity is a clever con.
Such is the scandal that has become my conscience,
I find scant respite from the confrontations with those
who know I seek absolution.
This nightmare, an awakening to a reality only a nip of
something stronger alcoholic can make palatable.
Languid and despairing I find the truth of the abandoning
of my family and friends.
An clear, inglorious reflection of my character.
If violence is truly an obsession of our time it is a curiosity
of sinister and callous magnitude.
It is an sick habit of those who claim to be adults.
Thought and its exchange is now an offence.
It is the whine of the worlds children.
In these lands where unbridled hatred is the weapon
of the hypocrites whose self acclaimed genius strikes me
as the final portentous saddening of a world made delirious
where the lives of the downtrodden are without love,
Where the angels of my past leave me in the cold pallor
of paranoia.

You shouldn't treat her like that you made her cry.
What was it you said about her tits?
I heard about you hiding in a cave
I'm resigned to concentrating
on my car.
If you're interested in love we think you've gone
too far
Yes this is esoteric madness Persephone
but if I were to ignore your beauty wouldn't I
be crazy?
Of course there art many maidens who'd
like to be with me but when I saw you shed a tear
I thought it was a National Emergency.
To love or not to love that is the question and to
consummate our bliss there are three thresholds.
A castle in Weimar, a Chateaux in the Loire and
a palace in St Petersberg.But if you agree to
lie with meYou must spend your life in Hades.

Sympathy for what was done to them then but for what is done to them now
there is none.
Ethics and values have been burnt in the sun.
Tell me your Lordship why are you smiling?
Holy Father why are you shrieking?
Bondsmen why are you crying?
Every crisis is an opportunity but figureheads
won't even try.
Human nature is under attack.
Soon they will dishonour the sky.
A genetic scientist impregnates a virgin.
As for the messiah they have hurt the legend.
You are a child and have much to learn but remember
Valour will only tie the victory.
For what is most satanic the powers have already done.
There is no leadership to come.
American bohemians feed off the masses.
Rednecks scream that Jesus was a fascist.
They came within a hairs breath of having won but courage grows we're still young.
Tell me your Lordship why do you smile?
Holy Father why do you shriek?
And tell me Bondsmen why do you cry?
Would you choose to not smile and forego
Would you choose to remain silent and be as dumb as a herd animal?
Or would you even choose to smile and be as lustful as a common prostitute?

They fed him the cobra and the dog and the communist's gave him their
The mind was gone but the rest worked fine and they wanted me in
their line.
I hid in the ground listening to the sound, Gamelan infused
with the chorus of the Maniac scream.
And don't you get fucken bored.
Feel the Fear, fuck it or else you'll snuff it.
Now I hear you say Hardy's a sissy.
But don't you forget the poison machete.
Cos them farmers ain't no fairy.
And an SAS hit squad be wary
Because I love it in the rice paddy.
When I get in the saddle even the President is slightly bemused
The Jihad crew is more titillated than terrified because their best friend
Hardy listens to Imagine when he goes insane with a Crowbar.
Hatred of them gooks bears no truck with me.
They may be Asian but our friends are more
Christian and not forgetting their history.

Will you ever remember me?
Will you ever understand me?
I am the Hebrew dancer.
Tom Hardy's here and he ate way up North in the Orient and as far
as foes I am formidable.
You are the holders of the reverse truth.
We have defeated Pauline Hanson.
Black and White are walking in harmony.
Now we will let our children walk in safety and I want to thank you.
Yeah you I want to thank you.

How blissful the sleep of the ignorant.How joyous the stupidity of the
Such a blow for the meek among us, Is the criticism of the glow
from your golden heart.
I'm in a world where it's raining up.
Where drops explode into a splash on
the pavement and shoot through the sky exploding into clouds.
It is the Dreamtime again.
The world is soft and children are her saviour
Voluptuous waves bulge and spray.
I saw her in a wild mist.
Do you think I would give this away?

The truth is not always easy to distinguish.
Corporations will bash you for being poor.
Maybe I'm also the problem on account of my drinking this beer.
I don't believe in the role of Evangelism I know how to save my own
Don't piss on the tree.His name is wounded dog.
Listen to these sounds worried brother.
Yes I've been irresponsible but it's not too late for me to begin your therapy.
History is a lie agreed upon.
We were not the first people to arrive in this country.
We found misery and the aborigine.
Some tribal law I stole and I know that this was wrong but it's wisdom will
keep you alive because wherever you are if you can see The Southern Cross
you have found Sanctuary.

Sake Psychosis and a Christian Crucifixion.
Infanticide, Patricide and Parricide,
at all times you stay ten feet away from my bride.
Do you reckon violence was what they meant in
eighteen fifty-four when Commodore Perry knocked
on the door?
Did it occur to you that Tom doesn't actually
Hate you because you dropped
The bombs on Pearl Harbour?
Maybe there's still a place for you and I
Lending a hand out the back.
Don't ignore the jungle baby space is just a
load of crap.
Sake Psychosis yeah I'll do some work for you.
Infanticide,Parricide, and Patricide ain't all that new.
I heard what you did to those Russians too.
Maybe one day I'll make my way to Kobe via way of the Coral
You'll respect the journey but stay away, maybe he's got dengue.
So park your arse down here I got a copy of Nietzsche.
Sing along I know you dig Blondie.
Does it trouble you that there's no meaning?
Fuck off and get yourself a feeling.
I look ridiculous cos I gave you all a beating.
Don't ask for money buddy I've got European paintings on my ceiling.

Won't you let me go on a holiday
I'm sick of cleaning the floor down at
the factory.
We've been shipping the container cross
the South China Sea,
no one cares about the Tree.
Nighttimes we spend up at the Barbecue
Brisbane plumbers sold for improving Industry.
They buy me a beer and say these guys think
I'm queer.
Typhus, Cholera and Hep C taught me about
your baby boomer hypocrisy.
We've been here eighteen months drinking this
shitty tea.
When do we get to see the dolphins in the sea?
It's all right babe you make the call and I'll send
the facsimile.
We won't get into any strife your bwana's made
an itinerary.
The hologram on my Credit Card's racy.
The Aussie dollar's still fine in these currencies.
Don't worry it's normal to travel economy.
Oh my God she thought there's hundreds of
guys looking at me.
That Chinese guy's a bit creepy.
There's the prison before the forty-five
Fuck this shitty tea we want to see the Dolphins in the sea?

I've been placed in the chemical straightjacket.
I ate too much of myself.
They said I was an unacceptable Messiah.
The God squad's on the rampage.
They're calling you a liar.
It's because you've got a mind and they've got the power to cap it.
That's why I don't recommend wearing the chemical straightjacket.
They couldn't believe it when I escaped from the psyche ward
and yes I became a bit shallow.I never believed I'd end up
smoking drugs and saying that I was the best.I turned into a terrorist.
I met a cop who used to have a desk job. He said I'm placing you under
arrest.You're lucky that you dropped that knife.You can go to the nuthouse
and have a little rest.I've been placed in the chemical straightjacket.I
ate too much of myself.They said I was an unacceptable Messiah.The God
Squad’s on the rampage.They're calling you a liar.It's because you've got
a mind and they've got the power to cap it. That's why I don't recommend
wearing the chemical straightjacket.

When I hold in what be commonly construed
As a workingman’s' hand
Several platinum pieces,
You descry the number three
But your Pythagorean obsession
Is more virtuous if it is Druidic knowledge
Those men of an Earthly knowledge
Call it the symbol of matrimonial love
When you preacheth and hound creative folk,
That their woes be the effect of debasement and sin.
You forget that exploitation Is the hallmark of white
Christian death.
Jesus love be more truly an unconscious practice as
men and women hand in hand leave apples to ripen on
those trees.

How I am ashamed to be a Marxist.
How trodden is my pride and how petty
are the criticisms of scoundrels.
From the ground up is how I learnt what
it is to despatch an enemy.
In South East Asia communists are still
despatching their enemies.
In socialist Australia a communist cannot be
However his gloom is a daily occurrence.
Still he can get feeling really fine should he
come cashed up.
I guess Marx had a sense of humour.
Was the communist manifesto spiritually inadequate?
Were the proletariat like myself struggling to attain
what their leaders described as admirable qualities
of a true soviet socialist?
Leaders will not a hero have of me.
If ever I were to sit down with Marx I would argue
there are no absolutes.
Proletariat revolution today is the screaming silence of
an enigma.

Wow baby!
Travelling light on the highways and
the byways.
Fifteen hundred miles over three days
and sleeping by the side of the road
like there was no place I'd rather be.
Hassling truck drivers for a lift.
Getting strip searched by cops.
Getting hassled for my pack and all
the while looking for a good time with
a woman who just wasn't there.
It's a big shock when alcohol takes you
so high that when you fall you end up
smack bang in the middle of nowhere
surrounded by cane fields.When you
awake in a ditch and find you're on
the verge of an arid and stony desert
you wonder why anyone would need to
take mescalin to get high.It's good to
get away from imbeciles whose grotesque
forms can only mock when they themselves
are detestable.Adversity and triumph are
a disease to those of lesser intellect.Walking
on roads becomes like walking on rose
petals paying homage to Krishna.

Their birthdays they did celebrate
with a single candle.
On the other side of a World War II precipice.
Subjects whose regal leadership resides on coins for alien anthropologists to regard
.And why was there no revolution?
It is because the Empire is divided into many people...
The Celts and British, the reigning English or even Jamaicans and Malays whose
existence is pastoral and has only flirted with Jacobite derision for the earlier
Elizabeth in her manners was Tacit and a slave’s Masonic master taught her
that Godhead is white but not superior.
These days we listen to Rock and Roll.The Marquis De Sade has well and truly
had a massive revival
.When they were young men on the other side of the precipice moral revolt was what they learnt
.But beware blue coats because the Marquis did not listen to the general consensus
and together with John Lennon met the guillotine
An isolated man such as I says to the Second,
"Maam I remember the 'Reason of State' and may my deeds be not machiavellian.

Behold the angels sipping the wine of Christ,
Who do feign drunkenness.
Theirs is a sweet melancholy
That fuels the fires of hoary justice.
To smite and vanquish the lech that creeps
Unto such holy gatherings
In a grove come twilight.
Hair of gold unlike any brazen image crowns his hallowed countenance.
Gabriel strides forth in Hebrew garb as the very soul of light sings his praises.
The Aegean Knights kneel before him.
Their arms they do relinquish as they look to his glory.
A beautiful garden is where the swords of God partake of his nectar,
Sustenance unto the gentlemen of my Christ.

There is something which I have brought for you.
The Hapsburgs financed the Bourbons, a pavilion built of Imperial colours.
The merchants of Milan arranging the accounts.
Pleasure on high for the common folk agree, that to thou liege of Seraphic mandate...
we give to you an onion.
Shithead you cry
Cower at heaven.
Suck the donger.
Sell your arse.

Should not withdraw.
In we go rats.
We earned the lanyard...
Where the fuck is it boys?
Shudder fortune Jerusalem.
Infamous man.
Shudder Malcolm...
Injury boy.
White eagles circle.
Be not mid ships.
Coke King hey,
Meet mind reader sugar.
So have I witnessed conscience.
I am silent.
Homer Simpson knows C.I.A.
Hundred acre season.
Should I realise whosoever said I will not goodbye.
Tears fall you,
Must be magic.
Come now don't cry,
Whither go is you?
Shuttle journey I am,
An astronaut...

Who shall oppose the red rose.Death lilies are puerile.
Red is proof of our mortality
Thorns are punishment for the liar in us all.
Would you rediscover a thousand years chant
If it were a heresy?
Would you feed the starving?
Congratulations on your victory,
Sorry about that mortal wound you'd rather forget.
We're shattered.
Shattered and flattered
That someone drove us To this world of hybrids and mishap.
I thrive on impending doom.
Calamity and disaster are my most loyal friends.
Cloning and debasement,these are our niceties
Have a beer on me.
Well my friends
It is only right that thou shall have a foe.
Why do you pester with your stupid closeted minds.
A-ha you see,
Sometimes we can realise
That pain makes us stronger.
Sometimes we forget...

The kayak bears a lone Asiatic hero
Through the frozen landscape and arctic waters.
Polar Bears meditate like holy buffoons on the pristine ice.
Sea Otters make love and Eskimo women remember
Garrulousness of the rugged adventurers their Mothers had accepted
Building an igloo is no great thrill for the hunter.
Ploughing a six-foot bone tipped harpoon into the side of a sea lion is like chastising an overweight mermaid.
The last of the worlds' noble men,
Dressed in furs and wearing peaked caps
Live out an ideal with a fervour
That defies the darkness of Alaskan Winters.
When the sunlight returns to the mountain fortresses of the North you can be sure
the Eskimo hunter is singing like one lucky enough to have bee born in the ice.

I have not forgotten what I love.The Earth is round but it is not for us.
Solace is what I seek.Our impending doom is horrifyingly ever present.But don't ask me to be meek.
Zoroaster is coming. It is liberating to declare Lucifer has been forgiven.
But where are the Mongol riders?What ferments do the Khan sip?
Sorry about that mortal wound.This is Jack the rip.
It's eighteen thirty-five and we work for the Gov.
There's seven things we're going to do to you and we'll use the cat of nine tails and some Seawater too.
And yes we are condemned but were wolves only understand after they kill you.

This is a song about where we're headed in the bedroom
.Whether you like it or not.Thankyou Marquis De Sade.
It's secret what's in my soul.I really let you down.
It's just I fucked you so hard I felt like a clown.
I am the supreme commander of sex.
If it works I'm into mysoginy.I know we're making history.
Do you get it?
Do you need it?

I don't think I care about your suffering.
You've been spending a lot of money on your nationality.
Sure you've got your bigotry.You're not extraordinary.
I answer you by saying where's the responsibility obviously.
The justice I see before me diminishes not forever but only momentarily.
Insanity I recommend.
You who would lawyers be know that in the holiest of the holies you are the lowest of the low.

It is the infinite zero.
To seek to be immortal is not to seek ever increasing
age but to seek agelessness.
That the greatest minds bespoke the glory of
Atlantis relates mankind’s ascendancy in life,
But for those Semites who endured the most
inhuman suffering their insight bespoke the glory of nature
and explained the wrath endured by those who abandoned
its ways.
The way a bird settles on a tree is as subliminal as any
Pixilated image.

Oh sorry darling she was just a slut.
What she did meant my date would have to wait.
Rule number one don't fuck on the run.
She was stripping off my suit and tie.I was fumbling with her bra.
We were doing it in some stranger’s home naked to the bone.
Reputations are delicious.
To destroy them is seditious.
Her name was Meredith or something.
She tried to carry me into heaven.
The next day I was all-alone.
Everything turned into stone.
In the end I couldn't cry and live in pain instead.

You slow and dieing beasts of burden,
Who is there to release you from years
Without harvest and acid rains infused with smoke?
Who once rejoiced in life as there
Was no inkling of pain and sorrow,
Is now the monster born of torture?
To whom hope has become an
Elusive quality and the keepsake of dandies.
He screams without crying.
He bleeds but it isn't blood.
My host is the captive to Satan's Cross.
In the dark corridors of this dwelling delusions are fostered and babies look on,
As soulless martyrs live free as if the suburbs were a concentration camp.
The Lord has invited me to partake in a mass where we hold aloft a strange chalice
and drink with peasants who are ourselves,
Kind enough to say "why are you so sad?"

Do you remember the year of the Tiger,
cause I think you've hastily forgotten.
Cos I rode the Big Cat's tail that year.
Keep resting on your laurels my friend, If I capture you It's never gonna end.
He's a fucken Garden Gnome and he prefers to stand all on his own.
Shredder's seventy-five and he's been psychotic for the last twenty-five.
They beat the shit out of Kenny today.He maimed five cops on his own.
A jailbird flew down.I said tell the other animals I need to go home.
When they survived the gaols in Port Arthur Town.They'd tortured them
so much they couldn't let them just walk around.They sat in cells six by five.
They tied and retied their shoes to stay alive.

Every demonic possession brings forth bad karma.
All those that espouse the magnanimity of their
experience are truly lost.
It is better to exist rather than live even if one is to
lie in a deathbed far removed from times when one
valued oneself.
Endorphin rushes slowly bring me to my
knees.The knowledge of ones
dieing is like a frightful shame which
others openly laugh at as if they
were here to lend a hand.
When I betray myself it's
only because the cruelty of mine and
others is a frightful way
of life for whole communities.
What is love when the women
I know share with me the same
malaise, subject to ravenous
dogs who betray us in the name
of righteousness.
To bear the brunt of accusers and fly through
existence drifting high on the winds of hate is
navigating with a broken brain.

Oh scandal, oh wrong way and why?
Do you love me good and kindly people?
When good is captured by evil
Who knows what simple-mindedness,
to ring Arab countries, to know that
we are real people, to digest the truth.
Standards and values mean nought to
I am not afraid of bad vibe merchants,
of those whose power lorded over me
is just an emancipation.
I never liked you strange people.
But they are my people.
My country, my world, my lunacy and my
You see reality which is so much a part of
everything is that an imbecile can just blink
and everything becomes denied.
Never has sweet lust left me so horrified,
so disinherited, so responsible for things
that weren't my responsibility, so lost and unholy.

So it seems that on the morrow of a year of testing
and trials, I shall be travelling afar to where a
subtropical heat sits heavily on a sprawling
metropolis very different from this lonely and
desolate outpost.
The stares and heavy handedness of those I have
abused, will they go with me too?
Will I have strength enough to cope with the opera
of sound in a city full of jackhammers?
What of the sex obsessed tigress they breed in this
powerful and well to do city?
It is true I once made and gave pleasure their
despite its' urban sprawl.
Now I am little accustomed to the ways of city
When you're on the run it's as if you capture the
imagination of the people.
When you slow down you seem to receive their
Last night I dreamt I held gently colourful birds.At
last a dream of the Earth.When your life is a torment and one
does climb a volcano in search of God, make your
way to the sea.

I have an incurable Sexual Appetite.
Having a concubine and being a tyrant have always been fantasy in deep,
dark, Protestant Mindset.
Only now do I realise the merciless cruelty Of my fascism.
Some ladies think I'm Dorian cos' they've got my portrait.
The reflection of the infidel cast on the halberd blade, did speak volumes of the intransigent
nature Of life.
Seconds later the infidel's soul gave an agonising, pitiless shriek amidst the blue flame of hell
In order to stand apart of Eros and Aphrodite Drink not from that albeit resplendent chalice

I haven't looked good for as long as I care to mention.
Volatility and French champagne go hand in hand,
At the race track, on a tram flying high or packing up
like another starving man come into a rich mans house,
come to serve and seeing sin in all its worldly
I haven't been good for a long time.
I just want you to know that.
I just want you to let me be and to know that if you
ever do I will fall like an Iracus from the sun.
Gifts and gift giving.
Bill payments, insurance, all of it can not be condemned.
Nor can it be abhorred.
Natural justice reign supreme.
Freedom be honoured as the most virtue is.
Then be shrouded by hushed secrecy.
More than this I cannot ask but remember...Spot what is high,
Avoid what is low and unto yourself be God.

I love Islamic fundamentalists.
The best way to realise the criminality of one race
is to find out that you yourself live in a corrupt society.
Is this the way to behave?
This is not the way as shall it never be.
People who pray in congregations, what are they?
Are they sublime or are they Dante Esque parodies
in a world that really doesn't suit me?
Who can tell?
Laws are the music of stark places.
Places where justice becomes justice and what are
the mistakes one might see as appropriate when you
get the grail?
My thoughts are a sword and cleave-too shall I slice
and splice my enemies.
Their distaste when faced with an adversary is
I am considering my options.
The Kurds are the new Jews.
In the summer heat Islam is a haze.
It is burning tyres.
It is the air thick with dust.
It is jungle spasm.
It is a puppet show at night.

I am struck down and am always so pompous
but it's interesting how battle lines are drawn.
Men are gone and crumbling.
We are forever playing in circuses of our own
Different parts of my personality bewail the
surgeons knife as if I must suffer for my fool Dom.
This is my kingdom, fool Dom.
All I can remember is smoking marijuana, so I
lost, I failed.
Thankyou, paddle your own canoe.
Who knows where I went wrong?
Who knows where you went right?
So very blah, injurious and cheap, hocked
women, self righteousness.
It makes me cry.
All over and out but when do we end?
And who knows what misadventure and way
shall take me now?
Petty am I.
Dispossessed of my worth if there ever was any.
I don't need to justify why a horse should be looked after
and I don't have to justify why animals like me.

You and your fire can scorch, abate or bring a
hard man to his knees.
In lands far from the Delphi oracle are your
journeys made.
Hermes doth marvel at your climb through the
What is there that may account for such a
Your impiety is the running of the wolf and thou
may let ice form when a simple sigh could melt
all the snows of this world.
Who do you answer to fiery God?
Do you shine on our meagre civilisation after
another’s command?
Are you at odds with the goddess of night?
Who shall you ordain and marshal in times of
Whereas Jehovah lives in an ethereal heaven of
clouds and pure peace, yours is the plunder of
Christian Crusaders horded.
Your concubines are the handmaidens of fire
and your endeavour is the new days splendour.
The fanfare of man at his greatest is a bequest
unto Heros the Sun God.

What town are you from?
I'm from political prisoner town.
We believe in violence and espionage.
My codename is broken glass.
Pull up a chair no need to ask.
Tonight I'm going to Benders for a good dose of selflessness.
We'll round up a few ladies and make our way downtown.
In the name of chastity we'll be promiscuous.
The professor conducting our research of Ultra violence
is known as his eminence Space Shuttle and
I admire his dashing figure being seemingly unaware of the prestigious dead chicken
he wears around his neck indicating the rank of Space Shuttle.
Our study has of late concluded that the key to the Dealers use of Ultra violence is Drama.
The smarts hate this but we believe it to be quite charming.
Earlier today there was an extraordinary event which the professor precipitated.
We were busy punching each other and his eminence in order to advance the tuition raised a chair
above his head ready to pummel a student when the height of the Tutor and that of the raised chair
when combined generated a number greater than nine feet
which is the meaning of life.

People riding in buses at night whilst the ghost that is my soul and the cobwebs in my mind,
Ravage and ruin my lope.
The sweet evening humidity,the everyday wind down adjacent to those happy commuters returning home,
I observe much of this.
Where is there a place for pride if not with a jewel of a girl?
My memory doth serve me in understanding how fair it is to know love.
How is it that I am a comedian when all of my endeavour is to be serious.
In all my days I am besieged by relationships which only serve to smother me and I am forever juggling satisfaction of needs when my worth is constantly under attack.
I am the man o' war who runs aground on a savage coast.
I am the buccaneer tied to the mast.
I am loping up the street seeing if I can diffuse the bomb that it is my head.

It lies as you lie.
An infamous truism.
That although it be the grail,
I had to remove it from your greedy purpose.
Slaves of cowardly pretensions deserve no surrender.
And unto your thinly veiled duplicity
I only temporarily acquiesce to your naf leadership.
To some Australians I have to flush the toilet,
Because those who they claim a blood lineage
Are more deservedly my noble comrades.
As again the land famous for it's dirty secrets locks away and Jew baits the true soldiers
Who courageously defy the apathy
And preserve Galipoli battle cries.

To touch and caress the feline is to
hold sway over an entire physical manifestation
of women.
How their ways are minx, how there judgement
is suspect and how their relationship with man
belies their aforementioned infamy is the nature
of the feline.
The dog is an interloper.
He is an commandant.
He is indomitable stamina.
He is courage.
He is dishonour.
In Africa ocelots and hunting dogs are minor
In our ruinous Victorian jungle they are the
society of generation X.
The parades and escapades of my fellow
idiots are transparent.
Me myself am a mask wearer and for all our
victories and for all our defeats we are nought
but creatures of folly and despair.
The dilemma of alost soul is simply this,
How do you find your way back?

Barbarians in the West
Despots in the East
I need some more yeast.
Oh assimilate the despot; Hellenism not tribalism is the answer I give you.
How the world has changed so much.
You say that I am naive,
That doesn't mean I should not say this at all.
Ghosts, I like them.
Why shouldn't I?
They inhabit inanimate objects.
I am familiar with the case of a paranoid schizophrenic who having been
incarcerated and in order to survive his ordeal spoke to inanimate objects.
Mystery cults and by this I include reality are your very pragmatism and
whilst you do this I pass when it is my turn and take from my comeliness
and give to my charisma
You chose to give up fear and in doing this you became an animal.
I don't think I care what you say.
You are only an animal and I am a man.
Animals need to be domesticated or killed.

I lost it in a museum
The electric luminousness brought in and gave unto the Lord grace hither and tither.
God does hindrance death knell of those and another,
Ingest and grace doth he in another restitution.
Forbearance does he abide.
I am caught up in the consequences of my own delusion.
Fear is all around everywhere.
A poet’s road is perilous.
We are untold.
We are the untold.
Immortality be thou and common place never until now has someone asked this of the Lord!
I am a timid little mouse or should I say little Lord.
How grandiose is this and how pathetic.
Foster and gather strength.
You are untold.
Your luck is their reckoning heave ho!

Neath it and furthest down I abide.
Shallows reflect your vanity and this is all I see.
I am the God of all waters.
I am what is of all perplexity, a signal, a conundrum,
a raw stench.
I was rewarded with tobacco.
It burnt a hole in my heart.
Now I find reason which sustains one.
A jewel was dug from the ground by a man.
I gave it a name.
I called it by every sound save that of your dieing.
I crucified myself in order that you may live.
Your agony was a sky made fresh by rain.
Pain incessantly dwelt in your papoose and now the world
through our past sins does in a rage of madness silence our
We shall always be alone.
God forgive me.

The need to appear a lesser being when faced with a
woman who indulges in group sex.
The need to finally bite the bullet and prosecute with the fist
those whose guilt is their introduction.
In Australia we behave in a way far removed from fanaticism
and that I do recognise the Indians of the lands may by your
definition attract a criticism of the punch variety.
The politicians and those who in some way understand the
true meaning of special may prompt you to ask; Hey fuck what
are the cops doing here?
Take off the mask and what is revealed is the mask baby.
Look into the wound, godlessness worshiping God.
Getting closer to a decency long forgotten.
Relishing a passion when it becomes a crime.
Finding a total victory in the written laws of esteem which broke your spirit.

I'm a rejected musician
However it is more frightful to have done no wrong and
yet admonished than to have committed an illegality for
which one is punished.
is this an altruistic comment?
Variable with the understanding of behaviours of nuance,
considering my understanding is bereavement; will I unto
your love be known?
For me everything is true.
How often in Java I did for freedoms sake condemned by
God and not given liberty and yet faced with a wailing wall
woman understand the weapon with which to fight God,
Half of me wants to live and half of me wants to die.
Trick riding like a country boy.
I chew my beers.
Knowing my women are tired I should nourish the Universe.
Loving her is lying in the jungle feasting on wild fruits and
engaging cassowaries in Far North Queensland,

Who can say what are the needs of humankind?
The popular ethics in this much maligned world are
become like a weather vane.
In only forty years our Western society has made the
media a mirror which is both influenced and influential.
Common norms can become a mans undoing.
His actions can be condemned and for him there is little
or no chance of reprieve.
Vanity, isolation and lust may in truth be virtues.
Compare the living with the dead.
Understand all that is formidable amongst fellows who abide
in loftier realms than those who are a menace to Utopian
society, who would have all men live their lives in the sewer.
I chose to risk death by not saving myself that my
countrymen might do it for me.
I implore the individual to understand his frailty and then
eliminate it.

Glad to be leaving you behind
Sometimes bad men have the best advice and
sometimes bad women have the best legs.
The introspective dreamers know only how to waste
their lives.
Fantasy is justifiable only if it promotes the confuscioust
quality of li.
Paranoid voices descend from above.
Ambition gives way to necessity.
I can feel the noose tighten around my neck.
I have a physical need to experience death.
Mostly men take their lives.
Does that mean that they are the weaker sex?
Or is there no such thing?
The poisons I imbue I must neutralise.
Common Sense I realise and an enemy’s strength may be used
against them.
It sure is a dirty world.
At least my judgement is unimpaired.
Tell whoever it was that took my brain out to put it back.

Run away seething demon,
Chaste mother fucker,
Glad to be stoned.
Parallel Universe, I can hardly see in the bleeding that is my head cold.
He's back so dodge the flak.
They reckon I is the Devil but my knowing is but sedation and him that does
undertake truth when hatred judgement is a type of sentence draining our life’s
blood and how should I consume that is given a chance in this selfish city?
He that is this is free,
Conquering in the field of Wallaroo or jungles of tapir is given to one who has faced
his fear.
I will build a tomb to my Father that I may like a Pharaoh secure our line.
The enmity, the desecration of our monuments shall be the undoing of the
Like the Java man I am unashamed,
My Father ate dog in China.

Pygmies will not be forgotten.
They shall be remembered in a past that will become a future which modern men
will fail to see.
I love my wife.
My bible is my understanding of truths that pagans give no heed.
Process is that which allows one the chance to get up and fashion such as heroism or
such as fire.
The legendary fire of Zoroaster.
My liberation is to declare Indonesian women the most beautiful in the world.
Slowly I rebuild my divinity.
To those whom I failed for so long I offer this explanation;
Recently in a Balinese village surrendering to a more base passion I came to strike
a local man.
He was guilty of an offence unto my wife and consequently found judgement did
rise and admonish him for his villainy.
Previously on the island of Java had a rooster chastised me for mine own.

Eight years ago I spent money on drugs that would without question rock
me to my very foundations.
Why I chose to tear apart my world and my mind is a mystery.
After the nerve ends beneath your skull begin to bleed you're guaranteed
a one way ticket to that which is in the scheme of things a total self catastrophe.
Open your mind to the presence of chemicals active and manifest as thought.
It is true that we are the romantic ones.
A section of the human race whose awareness is a crime.
The hippies who burnt out on ecstasy in the sixties are now my kith and kin.
Like a blown fuse refusing to conduct these vibes of passion and enthusiasm
others pretend to have in abundance.
The hippy has become surrounded by hate.
Today’s love child is a consumer of cool.

When it comes to women I am only the servicer.
I been stuck between that rock and a hard place for nigh on forever.
If there was a platform other than that of a romantic poets perhaps I'd stand
a chance.
Seems like the only consistency a victim knows is loss and embarrassment.
Oh well at least I can be sure of making a fool of myself again and again.
It gives me a strange thrill sort of like discovering you're immortal.

When I think of my past I often find tirades of contempt and disgust of which I
have been the target as if it has become a popular sport.
Everyday I am considering a violation of my pacifism.
If budda were to descend from the holy heights would he endeavour to change
his custom?
What wisdom is there in the bar room brawl or in office towers playing God with
other peoples lives?
If I approach determinism perhaps I can become strong and understand the Budda.

I'm waiting for the bust.
Do I mean the police or do I mean the Italian chick with big tits I saw down the
I am amongst jewels with women’s names.
How must I supplicate?
What an answer this to the question in their eyes!
In light of the inquisition I seek an resolute maxim.
One which in this Southern land you can always trust.
Trust the love of a woman, it is this?
I think not.
They are dancers in the night and are not what they seem.
This is more of what I mention yet night closes still.
A pale meat of a fruit in this great Southern land that partaken of reminds one of
life itself.
Underground does it settle.
This darkness brings me back to a Tasman foundling stream by the firelight years
before the darkness had settled in my heart.
Trust nobody, you alone can save yourself.

For years I persevered with the self.
Sincerity is a concept.
As if it isn't real if there is a word for it
Did you create the animals?
No you didn't, God did.
You cannot understand his inspiration.
My devilish insight is to undo all devilish malevolence
Because the wigs will lock you up bastard sons we royal or no.
Giving is returned in kind
It is true that I know my last words
But now I have decided to help others.

I kissed the murderesses and I fucked them too.
Have some respect for it is true that one may say,
Is the value of something what it costs or what it is worth to you.
A kiss is a kiss
That is my philosophy and any Church going pommy best learn
Khe Sanh or face being deported
Heres to ya
My ranks are many
The guards jack up fast when our sympathies
And sincere contributions are treated with disdain
This is the World man
I'm gonna kill ya
Waffen SS.

The strains of Anglo History I am yet to recognise like America.
Where are you Aboriginal Man, Aboriginal Woman?
God does not exist but Heaven does.
In the glory days of Medieval Europe our understanding of you was that
only did you exist in the supernatural
Now we have come to irritate with every indulgence we can add to our
European psychosis
Someone sold you out.
Don't ignore the dessert coon, long distance trackers
And the gin with her wisdom helped me out beyond limitsFor the rest of my life
My ancestors have been here for seven generations
I am aboriginal.

Oh pity me for that loath compassionate streak
The other cold infamous heritage of my blood
Does far better if respectable poor women remain despised
We tried her, we burnt her
In hell the Titans go about their business
Montaigne taught me that the most violent thing I can do is grow my flowers
I was drawing some heat so I joined up with the Jacks
As I sit in my house which is a tank
I beseech you to keep an open mind
We're travelling at three hundred thousand miles an hour
We'll reach the new day more or less first.